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Kinnock, ERS and voting machines

Interesting times for those of us who follow electronic voting in all its guises. Following on from the £91m on voting machines which the No campaign claims AV will (debunked all over!) comes claims that Neil Kinnock will benefit personally … Continue reading

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A Stable Government or a Representative Government?

It seems that the No campaigns scare tactics have people worried about unstable governments. But what is an unstable government? Well apparently it’s any government where one party does not have a significant majority. Someone better warn Germany how unstable … Continue reading

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Wheelie bins: All highs, no lows

Time and time again one chorus has rung out whenever wheelie bins are discussed; "they’re just too tall". It’s a fact that wheelie bins come in one height and one height only – tall. This means they stand out like … Continue reading

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Health – the natives are restless!

The rank and file in our party are not happy, and it’s all about healthcare. They’re unhappy because neither the Conservative nor Liberal Democrat manifestos mentioned wholesale changes to the NHS and the coalition deal didn’t either. They’re unhappy because … Continue reading

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Second preference votes count in First-past-the-post

A complaint from the No camp is that second preference votes are counted equivalently to first preference votes when transferred, but is this a deficiency compared to first-past-the-post? Not when you think about how tactical voting currently works. As a … Continue reading

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From healthcare provider to slumlord!

I’ve just been delivering #Yes2AV leaflets around Enfield North and dropped some into the nursing accomadation on the Chase Farm site.  The state of the housing there is shocking and the Chase Farm trust should be ashamed of it. At … Continue reading

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