From healthcare provider to slumlord!

I’ve just been delivering #Yes2AV leaflets around Enfield North and dropped some into the nursing accomadation on the Chase Farm site.  The state of the housing there is shocking and the Chase Farm trust should be ashamed of it.

At a time when affordable housing in London is in terribly short supply, I found properties totally boarded up, window frames and doors so rotten they were barely holding together, no washing lines, and a general air of total neglect throughout the site.

Now those who follow these things will know that Chase Farm would dearly love to sell this entire site to developers but at their last attempt, planning permission was refused.  So I can’t help think that this housing, deperately needed though it is and built at the taxpayers’ expense, is going to be allowed to simply rot away.


About papadeltasierra

Lived and worked in Enfield for over 25 years.
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