Education – equally for all!

So the cat is finally out of the bag – the Conservatives want a "pay as you use" society and if you can’t afford it, tough!

Now it really bothers me that Vince Cable has managed to clearly explain the reasons for increased tuition fees (and why the alternatives were even worse) at party events but not in the general media, but at least the tuition fees apply to everyone.

Today we get the announcement that the Conservatives would like a back door for rich kids, and they even have the gall to claim this will help poorer students by subsidising them.

And let’s not think that Labour have the moral high ground here. We all know that pushy, middle class parents were given many ways to get to the front of the queue for primary school places because of schemes created by Labour. Not convinced? Sure you don’t know any parents spending Sundays on a pew, for the first time in years, so that their brood can attend the local church school? Bad luck if you’re a working parent who cannot afford the time or perhaps cannot even afford the bus fair to get to the church involved.

Now more than ever it is time Lib Dems asserted the ideals of equality and fairness which we claim in a manifestos and constitution. We’ve already let things slip too far and it’s time it stopped!


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Lived and worked in Enfield for over 25 years.
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