More #BushHillPark casework

The life of a would-be councillor is not always exciting, but keeping an eye on the state of the ward is an important task. And here’s a simple example, a large puddle at the junction of Private Road and Wellington Road on Saturday.

It should be a simple fix – clean the blocked gully which you can’t even see in the first picture but if you look carefully in this one…

…it’s somewhere down below the walking stick we borrowed to give an idea of the depth of this puddle.

A resident living opposite tells me that this puddle has been there on-and-off for 5 years so perhaps there is more to this than a few leaves. So it’s reported to the council (their ref: 1070998) and I’ll keep swinging by to make sure they fix it, and see if the problems comes back.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a problem in #BushHillPark which the Council should fix and I’ll be round and take a look.

Paul D Smith

07979 994131

About papadeltasierra

Lived and worked in Enfield for over 25 years.
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