Flytipping in #BushHillPark

A great session talking to residents at the very bottom of #BushHillPark last night revealed a few local issues, and we found one ourselves, fly-tipping. On Rayleigh Road we found an abandoned mattress, beloved of rats everywhere.

Further down The Fairway, an oddity on the list of fly-tipped items, a loo seat.

Both items are now logged with the Council (refs: WK/211032966 & WK/211032971) and should be removed shortly.

If you have large items which you cannot take to Barrowell Green yourself, the Council (020 8379 1000) will come and collect them if you call and ask.

And if you see someone fly-tipping, please take the registration number of their vehicle and a description of the vehicle and items and report this to the Council.

There are individuals making money by taking away rubbish (for cash) and then dumping it around your neighbourhood. We can only stop this if everyone plays their part and reports such behaviour. The Council will act against these people, but they can’t without evidence.


About papadeltasierra

Lived and worked in Enfield for over 25 years.
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