Last week in #BushHillPark

As we enter the last week of the by election in Bush Hill Park, where are we at? Well wet for one thing as the weather turned distinctly unpleasant! But the residents are warm and friendly which more than makes up.

We’re starting to get responses back to our Focus leaflet which highlights the sledgehammer approach of the council to speeding in parts of Bush Hill Park. The proposal was to carpet bomb the area around St Marks Road and Trinity Avenue with speed humps, including all the adjacent roads.

Thus far responses agree with our assertion that there are a small number of key junctions which need work, such as the Trinity/Ladbroke/Melbourne junction, that the junction of First/St.Marks/Trinity by the station needs to be made much safer for crossing pedestrians as well as slowing traffic, but that if this work is done, the problems will be solved.

A few residents have also suggested a zebra crossing somewhere on Trinity Avenue, towards the A10 end, as traffic entering and leaving the A10 makes crossing the road difficult. Perhaps the money saved on not putting in the many speed bumps judged unnecessary by residents could be diverted to this.

The use of 20mph zones is slightly more contentious. Generally the view is Yes but there are a significant number of Nos. I was interested to read the comments in the local press about St.John’s school’s request for a 20mph zone. It seems the council believes that a 20mph zone must have additional protection such as speed bumps. Whilst I understand why speed bumps help, I don’t see any reason why periodic speed gun patrols cannot be used to ensure that motorists adhere to 20mph limits in areas where speed bumps are not possible. It seems wrong to use ambulances to justify doing nothing to provide additional protection for school children.

But the sun is shining so I must get out and catch up on lost work. I have a number of papier mache creations thanks to the mix of leaflets and rain earlier this week. Fingers crossed that this week is drier.


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