#BushHillPark by election result

Many thanks to all who helped me and our local team in the Bush Hill Park by election. Although the result itself was slightly disappointing, we have built up some very helpful intelligence and contacts in the ward which we now need to turn into supporters, members, and an eventual victory.

Now stop reading this and get down to St. Peters in Islington or one of the many other by elections still to come in London!

Bush Hill Park Result

1108 Lee Chamberlain (The Conservative Party Candidate)

668 Ivor Wiggett (The Labour Party Candidate)

230 Tony Kingsnorth (Independent)

177 Paul David Smith (Liberal Democrats)

100 Douglas Frank Coker (Green Party)

70 Gwyneth Wesley Rolph (UK Independence Party)

61 Stephen Squire (British National Party)

45 Clive Morrison (Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"

29 Ben Weald (The English Democrats – "Putting England First!")

Turnout 23.83%

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Lived and worked in Enfield for over 25 years.
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